Vendor Terms & Conditions



I.       Be loyal and friendly to higher authorities of the company.


II.       Confidentiality of products price should be strictly maintained between you and company.


III.       Any transaction should be done to companies’ mentioned account. Transaction to any other account is not acceptable.


IV.       Quality and genuineness of the product should be strictly maintained.


V.       Factory price should not be mentioned on the packing or in the product packed.


VI.       Address or contact address like phone number/email/Whatsapp/ any other contact details of your factory/office should not be provided on the packaging. Only your company name and city of your factory/office is acceptable on the package.


VII.       Package of the product should be of good quality so that the product is not damaged. You are liable for any damage due to poor packaging.


VIII.       If any product found damaged/torn/broken you are liable to exchange the product.  


IX.       Under certain circumstances, these terms and conditions are subject to change by the company authority.