Guide Captain Terms & Conditions


Guide Captain

I.       Mode to uplift and take company forward and be loyal to higher authorities of the company.


II.       Forbid doing tasks that can harm the reputation of the company.


III.       Should not commit any offence in respect to Indian Law & Judiciary.


IV.       Confidentiality of products price & company’s information should be maintained.


V.       Any transaction should be done through companies’ mentioned account. Any other account transaction is not acceptable.


VI.       Do not seek advance money from the customer in cash/ cheque /draft or whatever medium may be without prior information to higher authority.


VII.       Behold the original Id whenever visiting customer’s/company office.


VIII.       Cover and maintain the zone assigned particularly to you. Should not interface in the zone of other guider captain.


IX.       Be friendly co-operative with guider captain of nearby area. If there any issues of conflict you must be inform the higher authority in spite of having mutual conflict among yourselves. Company authorities will take the necessary action regarding the same.


X.       Do not get involved in any conflict with the customer. Always be polite and humble with them in any circumstance. If any conflicts occurred inform higher authority to take actions.


XI.       Be well aware of branch offices of courier & transportation services in your area.


XII.       As a business tutor to the customers you need to study and be well aware about the product details beforehand from website. If any issues occur, feel free to contact company exclusives for the same.


XIII.       Always be active to respond and turn up to the meetings and training sessions organised by the company.


XIV.       Abide by the above mentioned terms and under certain circumstances, any changes by the company authority for above terms and conditions.