Customer Terms & Condition



I.       Be friendly to authorities of the company.


II.       Any transaction should be done through companies’ mentioned account. Any other account transaction is not acceptable.


III.       No payment should be done to any employee/guider captain of your region.


IV.       To check our product, you can seek sample product from company by paying retail price. Factory price for sample product is not applicable.


V.       If any product is damaged/torn/broken the company is liable to exchange the product only upon proper proof. The proof includes: image sent by you to company complaint portal and if not possible then contact guider captain of your region for the same.


VI.       There is no refund policy; if any product is damaged, there is a provision for exchange only.


VII.       Be friendly and co-operative with guider captain of your area. If there any issues of conflict you must be inform the higher authority in spite of having mutual conflict among yourselves. Company authorities will take the necessary action regarding the same.


VIII.       Always be active to respond and turn up to the courier person at the time of product delivery.


IX.       Under certain circumstances, these terms and conditions are subject to change by the company authority.